Grand Hyper Kuwait Offers عروض جراند هايبر الكويت

grand-logoGrand Hyper Kuwait Offers & promotions. Has 3 Hypermarkets (Grand Hyper) and 2 Express Markets (Grand Fresh ) . The store sells Food, Non-food, Electronics, Electrical, Apparels, Footwear, Household, Furniture, Stationary, Craft & Party Supply, Clock & Watches, Toys, Sports & Fitnessa and Jewellery & Cosmetics. Location : Bin Khaldun Street. Phone number: 2267 1551.

Latest Deals

Grand Hyper Promotion: anniversary bonanza
Grand Hyper anniversary Promotion 
Grandhyper Promotion till January 10th
Grandhyper Promotion till December 3rd
Grandhyper Promotion till February 14th
Grandhyper Promotion 14th-20th
Grand Hyper Promotion from 30th till December 6th
Grand Hyper Promotion from 23rd till 29th November 
Grand Hyper Promotion from 16th till November 22nd
Grand Hyper Promotion till November 15th


  1. pls include offers in olivehypermarket jileeb

  2. Grand hyper market offer form jan-11-2017 pls…

  3. Patel nileshkumar j


  4. Patel nileshkumar j

    Grand hayper market for offr

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