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blink-logo is an electronic online store in Kuwait.  Currently serving Saudia Arabia, U.A.E., Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Eygpt, Lebanon and Jordan. Blink sells computer and accessories store, electronics, software, video games , stationary & office supplies, women’s apparel and fashion accessories, food and toys.Customer service number: 1800081. working hours: 24/7.

Latest Deals

Blink Ferrari perfume for KD 7
Ipad mini wifi 16GB for KD 114 @ Blink
40 inch sharp TV for KD 70 @ Blink
PlayStation 4+ game + controller for KD 129 @ Blink
40 inch LED TV for KD 70 @ Blink
Samsung galaxy Tab A for KD 44 @ Blink
Black and decker food processor for KD 39 @ Blink
Braun mixer for KD 21 @ Blink
Iphone 7 red for KD 229 @ Blink
Iphone 7 red 128GB for Kd229 @ blink

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