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Centerpoint Sale تنزيلات سنتربوينت

Centerpoint is having big sale on so many different items in their stores in Al Rai, Hawali and Al Bairaq Mall in egaila.Centerpoint has a wide selection of shoes, bags, clothes, cosmetics, home furniture and accessories.Centerpoint offers many international brands such as Junior, Splash, Show Mart, Life Style and much more.


  1. P.Srinivasa Rao

    Please Send any Promotion for above E-mail adders

    Thank U

    P.S. Rao

  2. aslamualaikum every one,m waiting 4 next sale plz tell me when next iz???

  3. We will try to contact them for you Mahi.

  4. I contacted Landmark Group to find out when the next sale will be. They replied that they are not able to inform customers in advance regarding their future promotions. Please keep checking our blog for updates.

  5. when is the next promotions in center point ?
    when the winter sale in december started?

  6. when is the next sale of winter in december 2011 starts?
    plz inform us when the december winter sale will starts.

  7. Please send any promotions to the above email id

  8. im ned my sukharn card pleash

  9. pls inform end of sale

    inform end of sale

  10. if any promotion have please inform me through this mail

  11. if any promotion have please inform me through this mail

  12. i would like to know one of you product # 147816258, do you’ve in stock if yes then let me know from which store i can get it b’caz i checked in Al Rai & Hawally stores but there was no stock and no body was knows when it will be available !!!
    so kindly help me …..

  13. leave a message if there is any promotions

  14. If there is any sale . Please let me know.
    Thank you

  15. may i ask favor !!! please if theres sale anytime just let me know true my email.sale and promotion.thanks

  16. If there is any sale . Please let me know.
    Thank you

  17. Kindly updates about your promotions to me.

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